Coaching Experience
Classes taught:
Junior Foil/Epee, Youth Sabre, Adult Intro, Foil, Epee, and Sabre. Also available for private lessons.
Competed from the local up to the national level in all three weapons, got A ratings in both Epee and Foil. Nationally rated in Epee, and has qualified to the Div 1 National Championships several times.
Goals for students:
Hopes to instil the same life-long addiction to the sport of fencing in his students that he has himself. Not just as a fencer; but as a referee, armourer, coach, and organizer.
Coaching Experience : 12 years

Sándor started fencing in 2001 at the City College of San Francisco under the tutelage of Joe Manzano, and started competing at collegiate tournaments. He later switched to Halberstadt Fencers' Club in 2005, first as a competitive fencer, then as a coach as well. He is still a competitive fencer, training with Rob Handelman, and is rated in all three weapons. However he prefers to fence Epee primarily. Sándor started his coaching career as the head coach of the Galileo High School Fencing team in 2007, where he continues to coach currently. He got his Moniteur d’Armes, and Prévôt de Sabre certifications from the USFCA (United States Fencing Coaches’ Association), and is also an ASEP (American Sport Education Program) certified coach.

Meet Other Coaches

Alex Chang is an instructor in our Foil/Epee Junior/Youth Program.  

Sonya Li is a coach in our Foil/Epee Junior/Youth Program.

Scott Cunningham is a coach in our Foil/Epee Junior/Youth Program.

Rafael Musni coaches in our Junior/Youth Foil/Epee Program

Amrit is one of our newer coaches and specializes in our adult classes.

40 years experience and specializes in introducing youngsters (5-12 yrs of age) to fencing.

Specializing in competitive bouting tactics, and trained over 30 athletes on Team USA

Fencing Master with 47 years experience and credential in all three weapons (sabre, foil, and épée). Currently the head coach for the sabre program

Specializing in all three;  Moniteur d’Armes, Prévôt de Sabre, Sandor is a rated referee frequently traveling to ref both nationally, and internationally.

Dr. Louie was a competitive fencer in foil for 16 years internationally and also a member of the U.S. Olympic Training Squad for three years.