Coaching Experience
Classes taught
HFC Sabre youth program: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday (see HFC schedule of sabre program classes)
Dr. Louie was a competitive fencer in foil for 16 years. After high school and collegiate fencing, she trained nearly one year with the French national team at the Institut National des Sports in Paris, France. She competed internationally as a women’s foil team member of the VGA fencer’s club based in St. Maur, near Paris. Dr. Louie was also a member of the U.S. Olympic Training Squad for three years, and fenced for the U.S. Women’s Foil Team in Europe in 1978. She placed 4th individually in the 1981 U.S. Nationals and captain of the 2nd place team in the 1981 Nationals.
Goals for students
Our program helps children learn new skills, set goals, overcome adversity, and exhibit good sportsmanship while having fun and building character. The sport of fencing is a conduit for young athletes to develop skills and learn life lessons that have a beneficial and positive impact on their lives. We focus on properly preparing our fencers so that they can achieve their full potential locally, nationally, and internationally.
Coaching Experience : 16 years

Dr. Connie Louie is a licensed clinical psychologist and works for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.  Dr. Louie has worked with a variety of mental disorders, with returning war veterans adjusting to civilian life, and in private practice as a sports psychologist. Dr. Louie is certified as a practitioner using hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Emotional Freedom Techniques with elite athletes so that they can perform their best under pressure.

Dr. Louie received her Moniteur in foil in 2006, her Prévot de Sabre certificate in June 2009 and her Maître de Sabre in January 2013, from the U.S. Fencing Coaches Association. She co-wrote and published two popular fencing textbooks—Fencing Sabre/Foil: A Practical Training Guide for Coaches, Parents, and Young Athletes.

Meet Other Coaches

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Fencing Master with 47 years experience and credential in all three weapons (sabre, foil, and épée). Currently the head coach for the sabre program

Specializing in all three;  Moniteur d’Armes, Prévôt de Sabre, Sandor is a rated referee frequently traveling to ref both nationally, and internationally.

Dr. Louie was a competitive fencer in foil for 16 years internationally and also a member of the U.S. Olympic Training Squad for three years.