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To excel at fencing requires discipline, balance, concentration, and above all else training. The movement and grace that are associated with fencing can take years to develop.  Halberstadt coaches have a wealth of experience and want to help you achieve all of your goals as a fencer, whether you want to compete at the highest levels of this sport or just fence recreationally.   Our coaches are all certified by the US Fencing Coaches Association or have comparable coaching credentials.  Many of our coaches are certified fencing Masters.

Fencing is a sport that can span an entire lifetime, and at Halberstadt, we have fencers who started early in their lives and are continuing the sport recreationally well into their 70’s and 80’s.  We also have fencers who have never participated in the sport and begin in their 50’s and 60’s only to find that they love it enough to continue.  Regardless of your skill level or your goals, we have a program, class, or coach to help you master your weapon and develop the skills to be a successful fencer in a fun and supportive environment.

Classes and Programs that are currently available: